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'Filling In' Heads to the Portland Comedy Film Festival as a Double Nominee with Two Screeni

The Portland Comedy Film Festival in Portland, Oregon announced lead actor, Jared Odrick, as a nominee for Best Actor in Filling In tonight for the role of "Kevin," the gentle giant of man considering a risky and covert career path. Portland, OR resident, Jim Casella, also received a nomination for his Best Original Music for our comedy-fantasy short,

On top of the two nominations, Filling In is one of just a very few of the 200 films in the festival that is being given two screenings. On Thrs. March 22nd at 7:00 PM, our comedy-fantasy short will be screened at the most unusual venue we've ever heard of for a film festival, the Northwest Cannabis Club, The "members only" club allows its patrons and guests to smoke, vape, and eat marijuana infused munchies while watching movies on a giant screen. Only members may purchase Marijuana or Cannabis products inside the club, however non-members may bring their own cannabis products inside and legally consume it there. Only those that are 21 yrs + are allowed to enter or become a member of the NW Cannabis Club.

Then, for those that either would not feel comfortable seeing Filling In at the venue described above, as well as those with children, or are not yet 21 themselves, will be able to catch Filling In at the Avalon Theatre on Saturday, March 24th at 1;30 PM. The Avalon Theatre was built in 1912, making it the oldest operating movie theater in Portland, Oregon. Combined with a unique retro video game arcade that features $0.05 games (like the Nickelodeons at the beginning of motion picture history) making the Avalon Theatre a great place to see Filling In for all ages.

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