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London Film Awards Honors 'Filling In' with Best Director and Best Supporting Actor

Filling In was announced on Sunday, December 19 , 2017 as the winner of the Gold Lion Award for Best Director (Bradley Hawkins) and Best Supporting Actor (Karl Holtz) at the London Film Awards. According to their website, "As one of the world's leading international film and screenplay competitions, the London Film Awards celebrates and awards the work of independent film's best and brightest contemporary filmmakers and screenwriters spanning the globe. The London Film Awards is a distinguished international platform for both fresh and masterful talent to have their extraordinary work recognized and honored before the media and their industry peers.The London Film Awards places a high degree of emphasis on exclusivity, recognizing and awarding only the most finely produced films and screenplays with honors. The highest regarded entry in each official competition category, as determined by our official panel of judges, will receive the coveted Gold Lion Award, the competition's top prize and most esteemed honor."

These honors for Hawkins and Holtz are especially meaningful in that they were awarded as Best Director and Best Supporting Actor over all others entered into the competition in those two categories for short films of all genres and all feature length films as well.

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