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Sydney Indie Film Fest Honors Karl Holtz with Best Supporting Actor Nomination!

The prestigious Sydney Indie Film Festival recently published their list of nominations for their huge ten day event held in Sydney, Australia. from September 18-28. 2017. Included on this list is our very own, Karl Holtz who was singled out as one of the top five supporting actors from the 110 short films that were screened at the festival! Filling in was screened on September 23rd at 2:00 PM in a block titled Epic Shorts - Comedy! to an enthusiastic crowd at the (Block #5) at the Events Cinema George 2:00 PM. Our heartiest congratulations to Karl for bringing our comedy-fantasy short this international nomination. for his portrayal as Michael Kingsley, the disgruntled vet of his chosen line of work, longing for retirement.

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