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Harrisburg-Hershey Film Festival Honors 'Filling In'

The Harrisburg-Hershey Film Festival announced the winners and nominees tonight from their 3rd annual event held at the Midtown Cinema in Harrisburg from Sept. 15-20, 2017. Included on the list of nominees and winners from the international film fest were wins for Filling In for both Best Narrative Short Film - Comedy and Best Film from a Local Artist (Bradley Hawkins), which included nominees of both feature length and short films from Central Pennsylvania. Hawkins was also nominated for Best Director, making him one of only seven filmmakers that received the honor from the 75 films of all genres screened at the festival, which included documentaries, narrative live-action, and animated films.

Listed below is the complete list of nominees and winners in each of the awarded categories from the 2017 Harrisburg-Hershey Film Festival :

Best Narrative Short Film – Comedy

Winner: Filling In


Kill the Engine


The World’s Longest Wait

Trouble in Trainsville

Best Narrative Short Film – Drama

Winner: Manners of Dying


A Tree. A Rock. A Cloud


Katie and Ben



Oak Bones

The Immaculate Misconception

Best Documentary

Winner: Adele and Everything After


Ethiopia by Tuk Tuk

Best Narrative Feature – Comedy

Winner: (Romance) in the Digital Age


John Lives Again Best

Narrative Feature – Drama

Winner: The Father and the Bear


Bad Frank

Happy Hunting

Best Film from a Local Artist

Winner: Filling In (Bradley Hawkins)


The Father and the Bear

The Lost Within

Best Cinematography

Winner: Jessica Pantoja, Manners of Dying


Jonatan Sundström, Might

Lindsay Corriveau, Oak Bones

Michael Schmucker, Carry Me Home

Nico Aguilar, Icarus

Simon Harding, Alfred J. Hemlock

Wesley Hunt, Moonshot

Best Director

Winner: Bo-You Niou, Manners of Dying


Bradley Hawkins, Filling In

Jason Michael Brescia, Romance in the Digital Age

Joe Dietsch, Happy Hunting

John Putch, The Father and the Bear

Karen Allen, A Tree. A Rock. A Cloud

Tom Teller, Icarus

2017 HHFF Short Script Contest

Winner: 12:00, Kristofer Bartol

Golden Strawberry Award (Judge’s Award)

Winner: The Father and the Bear

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