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'Filling In' Premieres in Nevada at the Laughlin International Film Festival

The 6th annual Laughlin International Film Festival (10/12-15) will mark the Nevada premiere for Filling In, with its screening scheduled on Friday, October 13th of the four day event. Laughlin, NV is near the tri-state intersection of California, Arizona and is approximately 95 miles south of Las Vegas and just under 300 miles northeast of Los Angeles. According to the the LIFF website, "The weather in Laughlin during October is ideal with views of scenic mountain ranges accompanied by a refreshing river walk ... exploring the Colorado River and the Casinos of Laughlin."

We're excited that Filling In is being screened in the absolute perfect short film block for our film, titled “COPING WITH LIFE: The Quirkier Side” along with five other short films from around the world on Friday, 10/13 from 3-5 PM at the Laughlin Stadium 9 Cinemas on Screen #3.

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