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"Filling In' WINS Best Series Pilot and Best Comedy at Oniros Film Awards!

The Italian-based Oniros Film Awards declared Filling In the winner for both Best Series Pilot and Best Comedy today for their July competition. The Best Comedy award was an especially exciting achievement since it included comedies in all formats (feature length, short film, web series, series pilots, b-movies, experimental, etc.). Filling In was also a finalist in both the Best Editing and Best Screenplay categories as well.

The Oniros Film Awards is a monthly and annual competition, and as described on their webpage, "Discovering quality and ambitious films is our mission, by promoting filmmakers’ works and by helping them realize their dreams. Oniros Film Awards is all about Dreams (ὄνειρος = oneiros, Dream in Greek language), ours and yours. Oniros Film Awards is conceived by Dreamers to Dreamers."

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