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Italy's ONIROS FILM AWARDS Declares 'Filling In' A Finalist In Five Categories!

The Oniros Film Awards announced the astonishing news today that Filling In is now a FINALIST for July 2017 in five categories: Best Series Pilot, Best Comedy, Best Fantasy, Best Screenplay and Best Editing! As described on their website, "The Oniros Film Awards is a monthly and annual award competition based in Italy, which celebrates films from all around the world... "

Winners for the July 2017 Oniros Film Awards will be announced on August 15 in 12 major categories, which includes Best Series Pilot :

The winners in 16 additional categories will be announced on August 15 as well, which will include the winner for Best Comedy, Best Fantasy, Best Screenplay, and Best Editing :

According to the OFA website, "Oniros Film Awards is all about Dreams (ὄνειρος = oneiros, Dream in Greek language), ours and yours. Oniros Film Awards is conceived by Dreamers to Dreamers."

Check back on August 15 to see if any of the dreams we have for Filling In at the Oniros Film Awards come true.

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