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The Something Wicked Film Festival in Lawrenceville, GA declared Filling In as the winner of the Best Fantasy Short last night, Along with winning this major category at the event, SWFF Festival Director of SWFF 2017, Kevin Powers, also honored Filling In with a special additional award for "Most Believable Fantasy/Science-Fiction Film" of the fest, which included all feature length and short films in either genre. These two new wins for the comedy-fantasy further establish the film as a true contender at genre film fests , especially after its recent win at Westercon 70 in Tempe, AZ last month where Filling In won the Grand Jury Award for Best Short Film from all genres (horror, fantasy, and sci-fi). Filling in has already received notification that it has been accepted into another genre-oriented film fest in Memphis,Tennessee. Details about that event will be released soon.

The five nominated films in the Best Fantasy Short Film category were The Devil Goes Down, Filling In, The Forever Woods, Heroes, and Pax Masculina.

One of the highlights of the Something Wicked Film Festival are the several panel discussions that are held and moderated by Jim Adams, a popular podcaster of the program Monster Attack. Pictured below is the panel of directors of selected films that attended the fest :

Other panel discussions included covering the topic of Cinematography :

... as well as a lively discussion on the evolution of Fantasy and Science-Fiction films over the decades:

A favorite portion of the three day film fest for director, Bradley Hawkins, was the one-on-one videotaped interview with SWFF Director, Kevin Powers.

SWFF Director, Kevin Powers presents Bradley Hawkins with the special Festival Director Award for 'Most Believable Fantasy/Science Fiction Film" of SWFF 2017.

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