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'Filling In' To Screen at MisCon International Short Film Festival in Missoula, Montana

Filling In has been accepted to be part of the festivities at the 31st annual MisCon Science-Fiction and Fantasy Convention, in Missoula, Montana. MisCon is a 4-day celebration of fantasy, science fiction, and horror that takes over the Holiday Inn Downtown in Missoula every Memorial Day Weekend. Filling In will be screened as an official selection of the MisCon International Film Festival on Sunday, May 27 in the fantasy film block from 7-8:50 PM at the convention. As described on MisCon's website, the 4-day event runs from Friday, May 26 through Monday, May 29, and "through discussion panels, hangouts, games, readings, craft demos, and workshops, we bring fans together with authors, artists, game designers, actors, costumers, and other professionals in the world of speculative fiction..Whatever your interests, MisCon has something to fascinate, educate and entertain you."

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