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NY Premiere of 'Filling In' held at Rochester's The Little Theatre

Dadley Productions held its third and final premiere of Filling In in Rochester, NY where principle photography was shot for the film in April of 2016. The screening was held at The Little Theatre to an enthusiastic crowd of of friends and family members of cast and crew involved in the film from the area. The highlight of the evening was having NYC actor, Alex Pires, ("Patrick" in the film) come up from The Big Apple to Rochester to serve as the Master of Ceremonies for the evening. Pires performed his first-ever stand-up comic routine to start off the event and hit a home-run with his celebrity impersonations as part of his set. Co-star and Rochester area resident, Karl Holtz also had the pleasure of having his daughter, Logan Holtz (who play's "Mike's Daughter") in attendance with him, and all of the young children who were cast as sleeping children in the film were there as well with their parents, extended family members and friends.

Kali Leathersich ("Startled Little Girl")

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