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'Filling In' Premieres at the Allen Theatre in Annville, PA

Award-winning director, Bradley Hawkins, and producer, Sarah Hawkins (daughter), premiered their highly anticipated comedy short film, Filling In, at The Allen Theatre on May 8th from 7-9pm, for a one-night-only premiere screening event.

The evening consisted of trailers from local filmmakers, a Q&A panel with selected members of the production’s cast and crew, as well as a screening of Hawkins’ debut film, Roller Coaster. Guests also enjoyed taking pictures on the red carpet, and dining at The Allen Theatre’s very own MJ’s Coffee House.

In addition to Hawkins and Jared Odrick, current Lebanon HS teachers Clinton Hibshman (Humanities) and Bill Hower (Graphic Arts) and 2016 graduates from Lebanon HS Claudia Hoffman (Production Assistant) and Kiaya Sechrest (“behind-the-scenes” photographer) worked on the production as well.

Additionally, former students from Hawkins’ Film as Art class, Austin Haitos (co-writer of the screenplay) and Matthew Pete (3D Visual F/X) are credited for their work on the film, along with several Lebanon HS alumni who play supporting roles on-camera: Vanesa Bixler, Justin Clements, Brian Gagliardo Jr., Valerie Garcia, Terrell Jefferson, Ben Leibig, Alex Marks, Joey Ramos, and Mike Wetzel.

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