Dadley Productions Hosts Test Screening of 'Filling In' in Campbell, CA

On Sunday, March 5th, Dadley Productions hosted an invite-only, test screening of their upcoming fantasy-comedy, Filling In, at Little Lou's BBQ in Campbell, California. Kurt Lohmiller, an associate producer on Filling In, (pictured on far right below) served as MC for the evening. The program started with the teaser trailer for the short, followed by Dadley Productions' award-winning comedy short Roller Coaster, and the concept trailer for the series, Or Die Trying, prior to the work-in-progress screening of Filling In. After the screening Lohmiller served as moderator for the Q&A panel with (L-R) producer, Sarah Hawkins, director, Bradley Hawkins, co-star, Karl Holtz, and composer, Jim Cas

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