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Enginuity Film Festival (2018)

Best Actor (Jared Odrick), Best Screenplay, and Audience Choice Award

Honolulu Film Awards (2018)

Best Television Pilot

Portland Comedy Film Festival (2018)

Best Original Music Score


California Film Awards (2017)

Grand Winner - Best Television Pilot

London Film Awards (2017)

Best Director and Best Supporting Actor (Karl Holtz)

North American Film Awards (2017)

Best Comedy

Open World Toronto Film FestivaL (2017)

Best Supporting Actor (Karl Holtz)

Austin Indie Fest (2017)

Best Television Pilot

Zed Fest Film Festival (2017)

Outstanding Comedy Fantasy, Outstanding Screenplay,

Outstanding Performances ( Jared Odrick and Karl Holtz )

Utopia Film Festival (2017

Eleanor Roosevelt Award for Creativity

(Honorable Mention)

Mount Vernon International Film festival (2017)

Best Short

RAhway International Film Festival (2017)

Best Editing (Short)

Harrisburg-Hershey Film Festival (2017)

Best Comedy Short and Best Film By A Local Artist

Endless Mountains Film Festival (2017)

Best Family-Friendly Short

The World Independent Film Festival (2017)

Best Comedy Short

Oniros Film Awards (2017)

Best Series Pilot and Best Comedy

Something Wicked Film Festival (2017)

Best Fantasy Short,

Festival Director's Award for "Most Believable Fantasy/Science Fiction Film"


Brightside Tavern Short Film Festival (2017)

Best Director (Comedy)

Chautauqua International Film Festival (2017)

Best Director (Short Film), Best Editing (Short Film),

Silver Award - Lead Actor 

Southern Shorts Awards (2017)

Best Music; Award of Excellence - Narrative Short, Cinematography, Screenplay, Music Score,and Editing; Award of Merit - Direction, Lead Actor, Supporting Actor, Sound Design, and Production Design

International Independent Film Awards (2017)

Platinum Award - Music Score; Gold Awards - Producer, Directing, Screenplay, Lead Actor, Supporting Actor, and Editing

Westercon 70 Film Festival (2017)

Grand Jury Award - Best Short

Spotlight Film Awards (2017)

Silver Award - Narrative Short

Wolves Independent International Film Awards (2017)

Best Editing 

IndieFEST Film Awards (2017)

Award of Merit (Special Recognition) - Narrative Short and Screenplay; Award of Merit - Direction, Lead Actor, Supporting Actor, Direction, Editing,and Original Music Score

Los Angeles Independent Film Awards (2017)

Best Direction and Best Editing

Enginuity Film Festival (2018)

Best Supporting Actor (Karl Holtz)

Milledgeville-Eatonton Film Festival (2018)

Best Comedy Short, Best Supporting Actor (Karl Holtz), and Best Music Score


Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival (2018)

Best Short (Long), Best Director (Long), and  Best Actor in a Long Short (Jared Odrick)


Utah Film Festival & Awards (2018)

Best Supporting Actor in a Short (Karl Holtz) and Best Production Design


Portland Comedy Film Festival (2018)

Best Actor (Jared Odrick)


Mountain of Laughs Comedy Film Festival (2018)

Best Actor (Jared Odrick) and Best Music

North American Film Awards (2017)

Best Director, Best Actor (Jared Odrick), Best Editing,

Best Editing and Best Music Score

Open World Toronto Film Festival (2017)

Best Actor (Jared Odrick),

 Best Story and Screenplay, Best Sound and Music

Sydney Indie Film Festival (2017)

Best Supporting Actor in a Short (Karl Holtz)

Harrisburg-Hershey Film Festival (2017)

Best Director

New York State International Film Festival (2017)

Best Comedy

Oniros Film Awards (2017)

Best Editing and Best Screenplay

Brightside Tavern Short Film Festival (2017)

Best Comedy and Best Actor (Comedy)


Chautauqua International Film Festival (2017)

Best Short Film, Best Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor (Short), and Best Music Score

top indie film awards (2017)

Best Short, Best Director, Best Writing, Best Actor, Best Editing, and Best Music Score


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